17 April 2010

Waiting for Parts and the Lake

Due to a faulty Shimano gear shifter I had to get a new one so TerraTrike shipped one to Radford Bike and Paddle and while we waited for the part to come we checked out this hilly little college town.  
This is what we looked like waiting for the Shimano shifter to come from TerraTrike:

We walked through a tunnel that led to a path through the park.
We followed the sign to the Flutterby Garden.
And we looked out over The New River.
I waited some more, this time on a bench near the water.
Simon tiptoed through some tulips...
We discovered some urban art near the college.  Peace is still cool.
This is Johnny, Denise, McKayla, and Jude.  They are the owners of Radford Bike and Paddle and they were so kind as to let us pitch our tent in their yard while we waited for the part to come.  The new shifter got there in NO TIME (thanks TT!) and we were back on the road the next day around noon.
Johnny and Stacey at the bike shop.  Stacey worked on the trikes and did a GREAT job!
Johnny rides a TerraTrike!
My new shifter - hooray!
We got back on the road and were less than a mile from the bike shop when Ken got a flat.  There was a BIG nail in his back tire.  Ken got right to work and fixed it in no time FLAT.  :)
We rode to Claytor Lake State Park and there I met a camp host named Linda. Sometimes you just click with someone and that was certainly the case with Linda and I!  I value the conversations we had very much and I wish we'd had more time to share more stories.  She is a true hero and I look forward to getting to know her more via emails, and who knows, maybe one day we will run into each other again.  Hi Linda!
Linda and Bill.  HUGS to you both!
A broken HOME.  Sigh. 


  1. Simon looks so cute in the tulips.

  2. Oh dear - hope your "broken HOME" is repairable! That's three things now so you should be OK. Simon is sooo cute. That's a great photo of him tiptoeing - lol. Safe journey.

  3. How cute!!!!!! Simon is a real trooper and obviously a nature lover as well!!!

  4. You should post a map so we can follow along :)

  5. Loved meeting you both at the library in Hayters Gap! How was that mountain?
    I read about what you're doing out there and think you are so brave and cool.
    Keep me posted, and drop by when you can ;)

    Karen Poston

  6. Hi Karen! Loved meeting you too! We listened to "Lydia" over and over when we got to the Hostel. Excellent job. Made me cry a little.