10 April 2010

Rural Roads Rock

And now for today's traffic report:
We saw gazzillions of "flutter-bys" today.  That's what Alex used to call butterflies.

A classic Jen's feet shot, but this time with Middle Creek in the background.

This place is STUNNING!  More pics to come!


  1. I like "flutter-bys". All butterflies are now "flutter-bys". It takes the eyes of a child to so aptly describe such a delicate creature.

  2. Beautiful "flutter-bys"! They look big too. Can't wait for more photos! :) Tailwinds ...

  3. I concur. As I sit here at our camp site, many flutter-bys are flitting aimlessly about, and it makes me feel close to Alex.

  4. Some think a butterfly is an angel visiting us. That seems to fit, too.

    And Simon - you wild thing! That was interesting. What got him to howling?

    You are seeing why we love this lifestyle so much. Love to you, Dad

  5. I just added some more howling info to the post with his howling pics. I wrote to Jan and told her about the howling history and figured others might want to know too.
    Angels just might be flutter-bys - Did you know they have them at the Donor Memorial too? Makes sense to me.