28 February 2010

Ken and Jen Riding Together

It's so nice to have some pictures of us riding together!  Thanks to Ashby for taking these.
It's the last day of February!  Yikes!  Only 15 more days to go!

I just read the weather forecast for the next few days and it looks like we have another snowstorm coming.  It rarely snows here in NC but that's not the case this year.

27 February 2010

Ashby (Turtle) Joins Us for 35 Miles

Today was Ashby's first time pulling his Burley.  The guys were trying to figure out where to put the flag.  :)
We all had LOTS to talk about all day.  Great ideas were exchanged and after the ride we had a yummy dinner.  Ken made Grilled Tofurkey and Not-Cheese Sammiches.  40/30/30 of course!
We rode 35 miles today - Ken with (we think) about 60-70 lbs in the BOB2.  He figured out before we left today that BOB2's tire was only about half full yesterday!  That was actually reassuring since he didn't have any trouble pulling it.  Ashby came from Garner to ride with us and was very pleased to learn that he CAN ride for a long time, up big hills, without his Bionix.  We really enjoyed his company.  He's the first person to ever join Ken and I on one of our longer rides.
We thought Simon might object to having another triker with us, but he seemed really comfortable with Ashby.  This was taken on one of our breaks.  He was getting sleepy in the sun.

Two Weeks and Two Days

Yesterday I pulled Simon behind me for the first time.  BOB1 weighs 20 lbs, including Simon and honestly I could hardly tell I was pulling anything, even up the big hills!  BOB2 was pretty loaded down and Ken said he could tell it was there but was still able to get up the big hills no problem.  Today we will take the full loads on a 40+ miler and see how that feels.  Our friend Ashby (Turtle) from Durham who also rides a TTT will be joining us today.  We're going to take him down the road we will be leaving on in just 16 days!  Should be FUN!

26 February 2010

Seventeen More Days...

Or, as my mom rephrased it yesterday, "Two weeks and three days."  YIKES!  This is unlike any other kind of anticipation I've experienced.  In the past I've felt butterflies in my stomach, of course, but this is different - it's more like there are wasps in there!  Moments of realization actually kinda hurt!  It's okay, though, I am making those wasps fly in formation and I am looking my fears in the eyes.  Of course I'm scared!  Who wouldn't be???  But I am more excited than scared and I know, I have Faith, that everything is going to work out exactly as it should and that people's lives will be saved because of this ride.  What a blessing it is to have been given this adventuresome opportunity to help people!

Yesterday Ken cleaned the trikes and lubed the chains and got BOB2 all loaded and ready for his first ride.  Our next trip will be a fully loaded one up and down the biggest hills near us.  I predict we will come home and see what we can do without so we can lighten our load.  We're not getting carried away with that, though, like one person we read about who actually drilled out the handle of his toothbrush (wow), but we are going to be really streamlined and efficient.  We are fighting with ourselves about what clothes to bring since we didn't find any eco-responsible sponsors to outfit us.  Patagonia stuff would have been great but our thrift shop finds will also do.

My dad told me yesterday that when he is running the world, that one of the first things he will do is create a law that states, "NO MORE CLOTHES WILL BE MADE FOR 2 YEARS."  He and I agree that the world is FULL of piles of clothes and that it is our demand for more, more, more that creates those piles.  In an effort to support our planet we wanted to wear nothing but organic clothes for this ride but it didn't take us long to figure out we can't afford them, and that paying that much would NOT make us part of the solution. So, when you see us, you can rest assured our entire outfits, head to toe, came from our local thrift shops (we love you Haven) and cost about $10.  No more new clothes, Dad!

25 February 2010

Eighteen Days

I peeked out the window just now and was quite relieved to see NO SNOW.  When we got home from Cary yesterday evening it sure looked like it was going to snow, and a few people had expressed their concern about us riding in it.  I would have to say the cold weather is our biggest concern at this point.  We have warm clothes and great sleeping bags but the thought of not being able to come home and get out of the cold is more than a bit unsettling.  The tent will by cozy, I am sure, but what about getting OUT of the tent early in the mornings, or in the middle of the night if nature calls?  It makes me cry a little to think about that.

Yesterday's shopping went great!  We were able to get BOB2 for $60 cheaper than the normal price and we got some lights to put on BOB1 and BOB2 so we can be seen if we get caught out at night.  We also got some really great headlamps that will serve as headlights at night and will allow us to set up camp with our hands free.  They also have a red light on them which will keep our night vision working better and they have a strobe feature on them for emergencies, or for raves.  :)

After we left R.E.I. we spent the afternoon stuffing envelopes in Raleigh.  Yep, stuffing envelopes.  lol  We volunteered at the Sierra Club and helped get some VERY important information out to our fellow members.  We also met some terrific people and enjoyed so much talking to them with our mouths full of Trader Joe's dark chocolate hearts truffles.  YUM! 

Our BOBs look like this:

24 February 2010


19 days left to go and we are NERVOUS! This move-up in the schedule leaves us with less time to arrange our minds around such a huge lifestyle change.  Right now I find myself wondering about my new morning routine.  I know it won't contain any of my current morning rituals - waking up to the coffee I pre-made last night, getting online to do my morning reading and emails, enjoying the warmth of central heat, wandering to the fridge for a snack...  But when I imagine unzipping our tent as the sun comes up, peering out and seeing the Rocky Mountains or the countless other beautiful views we will find ouselves immersed in over the next 6 months, I know it will be worth it.  But right now, I am clinging tightly to my favorite coffee cup.  I will really miss my caramel creamer...

Today we are going to Cary to get more supplies, as well as a second BOB Trailer.  Thank goodness they have one there at the R.E.I. because we ran out of time to order one from TerraTrike!  Thanks for the donations that came in just in time!!!  This weekend, weather permitting, we will be camping at San-Lee, a short dry run to help us figure some things out.  I really hope it stays warm.

23 February 2010


Anyone out there know some good, portable but healthy food we can bring with us?  Easy to make stuff like Instant Steel Cut Oats, or Instant Organic Potatoes?  Or drink mixes we can add to the water in our Camelbacks?  If you know of some good products, let us know!  Thanks!

The Countdown Begins

The countdown was going to start at 30, but due to recent developments our departure date has changed to March 15th!  April is National Donate Life Month and on April 2nd Donate Life VA, Donate Life America, and UNOS are hosting an event for us in Richmond.  The OPO in Durham is seeing us off on March 16th, our second day of riding after we leave home.  This is all VERY exciting to us but we are really nervous!  And there are things we still need for our trip!  If you are thinking of donating to our cause, now would be the time!  Thanks everyone!!!

22 February 2010

Back on the Bridge

We didn't plan on coming to this little park again today but someone forgot the map.  Now, I'm not going to say WHO forgot the map because that is not important.  But we did end up here because Ken didn't remember to bring the map.

An Exciting Route!

Our third day in a row riding, today we went 46 miles.  It was a great confidence builder because our legs (and brains) felt really good!  We were starting to feel it a bit towards the end but still not bad at all considering how many miles we've gone the last few days.  Perhaps the most exciting part of today, though, was that we took the route we will be taking when we start The Just Be-Causes TerraTrike Tour!  Giddy and talkative we imagined what it will feel like when we are taking off on our big journey. We leave in 39 days, possibly less if Donate Life America is going to have an event for us in Richmond, VA on April 3rd.  There is talk of it, but no confirmation yet.  If that is confirmed, we have just 21 days until we leave!  HOLY CRAP!

Terrible Storm

We've had some terrible weather in the Midwest and along the East Coast lately.  My parents who are currently in South Padre Island Texas sent this picture to remind us that South Texas is also getting it's fair share of devastating weather.  This photo shows the excessive damage caused to a home from a storm that passed through their area yesterday morning.  It should remind us all not to take life for granted:

20 February 2010

Simon Walks Awhile

On roads where we're sure there won't be any cars we let Simon get out and stretch his legs.  He seems to enjoy it for short spurts but is happy to get back into his camper too.  He is such a joy to have with us on our rides.  Today we went 42 miles, our second day riding in a row.  We are taking advantage of this beautiful weather while we can!  Tomorrow it's going to get up to 65!  Woohoo!  I wonder how far we will go tomorrow?

More Chucks?

Don't worry.  I think you've seen them all now.  LOL

Dirt Road Detour

The Mapquest maps for our area are NOT up to date.  Today we found ourselves on two dirt roads, but they were kinda fun to ride on and it was a GORGEOUS day so we're not complaining.  :)  People were still honking and waving at us today and one car even stopped and waited to watch us ride by.  There were a bunch of little kids in the car and they were all waving and smiling.  :)  The best thing I heard today, though, was when we were just getting back into town.  A young man walking with his friend saw us pass by and apparently he liked our trikes because he yelled, "Yo!  That junk is awesome, Yo!  Fo reals!"  LOL  We think so too.

19 February 2010

Believe in the Magic

And in each other.

Artsy Fartsy Chuck Photos

My Wrong-Side-of-the-Tracks Chucks
I love my feet.  I love my feet in Chucks.  I love my feet in my Chucks pedaling my TerraTrike.

Donate LIfe - Indiana???

Today while we were riding on a road we hadn't been on before (hard to believe we found one of those, eh?) we spotted something familiar flapping wildly in the wind.  It was a Donate Life banner hanging on the entrance gate of an old rodeo place where they hold mud races! From the looks of it this sign had been there awhile and oddly, it was a DonateLife Indiana sign.  Pretty tripped out, right??

Boys Bio Breakin

Today's ride was 30 miles of wonderful.  I guess alot of people must have read yesterday's paper because we had so many people honking and waving at us, telling us good luck, even stopping traffic to talk with us!  It was great, because if that many people read our story, that means those people are thinking about organ donation!  Already we're seeing the word getting around and we haven't even left yet!!

Where's Ken?

Click on the picture to enlarge it, then see if you can find him.  :)

Jen Hearts Bamboo

In fact, two of the garments she's wearing ARE bamboo!
See her JenTile?  It means "Peace" and on the other side is the symbol for "Quiet."  Ahhh....

Simon Says


Ken and the Countryside

Gotta click on these to see them good.

Nature Reclaims

I was very drawn to these old buildings.  It was apparent that they had been neglected for some time, and as we rode by them, I became very aware of the way nature was slowly taking over and reclaiming what we had borrowed and left behind.

These vines reminded me of telephone wires.  I used to work for AT&T, though, so maybe that's why?  lol

Power Plants Creep Me Out

I appreciate having power as much as the next person, but I prefer something like this:

Red Hat Hope

Debra from the Red Hat Society picking up her JenTile order.
18 Hope JenTiles to show love and support for their friend Donna who has cancer.  A very special order.


After being on the front page, Jen couldn't leave the house without her balaclava.  :)