09 April 2010

Afton and June Curry

WE MET THE COOKIE LADY!!!  She was so sweet to let us stay because she wasn't even open yet, which makes us her first bikers of the year!  It was wonderful to hear her stories and to see all the stuff people have given her throughout the years.  We had her sign our shirts and gave her one that we had signed for her.  Simon, who doesn't let ANYONE hold him, sat on June's lap.

Simon sits on The Cookie Lady's lap.
June and Ken.
Simon on the couch in the biker house.
There was SO MUCH to look at here!  People have been leaving items since 1976!
This was home for the night.  We are now part of June Curry's family. 
This flower was growing outside of the biker house's door.
This is inside that flower.  Beautifulness.
And this is Paul.  He filled Ken's camelback and said he had seen lots of bikers resting in his front yard.  :)  He lives just aways below June. Hey Paul, if you're reading this, June is feeling fine.  You should go see her before you move back to town!  :)

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