05 April 2010

No Clipless Pedals

Well we went to the local bike shop and looked at the clipless pedals but they were too expensive for us.  For both of us to get the pedals and the shoes it will cost us about $400.  So we left the bike shop and went to console ourselves with some gelato at a great local place here called Milano Cafe.  One of the people there, a nice young man named Jordan, heard us talking about it and said, "I have some pedals you can have.  I just got new ones."  How crazy and wonderful is that!?  Then, when we got back to our room, Dale, a man staying here at the hotel bought us dinner.  :)  I am so grateful to these two guys for the generosity they showed today.  And the guy at Milano offered to let us camp in his yard!  We would have taken him up on it if we were staying another day.  NICE people here in this town!  We liked it here VERY much!

Tomorrow we will head to Afton and will get to meet June Curry, The Cookie Lady!!  Click here to Learn About The Cookie Lady and to read about the hardest hill we are about to go up!


  1. Brian in ArizonaApril 5, 2010 at 9:58 PM

    FREE pedals? Cool!

    God is great and God is good!

    You guys are constantly being blessed!

    Can I get an AMEN?!