25 April 2010

Clinch Mountain

The locals told us that these many miles of winding curvy roads were called "Clinch Mountain."  Luckily the traffic was minimal and several times Ken and I paused and sat perfectly still to hear the complete silence.  It was usually interrupted by an airplane, but not always.  (We like to say we stopped to take in the quiet, but honestly, it was also to take a break.  :)  We are so glad we have these trikes and not upright bikes.  We can stop and rest whenever we need to, which isn't often anymore, but on these hills we did.  This was such a beautiful ride.  I can't get anywhere near describing it with my words or even with these pictures, but I will try:

We made it to the top!
We rested here a bit, ate some PB2 and then headed DOWN the other side.  Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Simon found a bone.  He usually isn't interested in chewing on them but that wasn't the case this time.  He chewed, and chewed....
And chewed...
And chewed!

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