14 April 2010

Catawba Store

This scenery, the beautiful weather, the people we meet, and the time we're spending together keeps me in a nearly constant state of gratitude.  Here's our stay behind the store:
These are two AT hikers who shared the Bunkhouse with us last night.  Teresa and Gayla are serious hikers!  They made us feel a bit soft.  :)  No way could I do what they do.  No way.
Theresa took my TerraTrike for a spin.
The Bunkhouse.
  Indoor camping.
Simon and Daddy falling asleep at the table.
We were so happy to be able to stay here!


  1. That picture of Ken and Simon sleeping at the table is so cute! What a great way to meet people.

  2. Your trip just keeps getting better and better! It's so sad how many folks in this country have no idea how beautiful our country is. I've driven across the country 6 times and up and down both coasts many times, but you can't see much going 70 mph. I'm looking forward to seeing it at 10-15 mph this Summer!