26 April 2010

Kenta Ke

That's how Kentucky used to be spelled before it became a state.  Interesting state trivia, eh?

After we left the Breaks it was only 3 miles until we crossed the state line into Kentucky:
We thought there should have been a bigger sign for this monumental moment, and around the corner there was, but it had a HUGE puddle in front of it.  Since there was no one else around to take the picture, I had to set the camera on the trike and use the timer function on the camera.  As you can see, I got there a little late.  Good thing it takes three pictures!

Neither of us got wet muddy feet. :) Energized by a new sense of accomplishment we headed up the road and found ourselves in some beautiful surroundings:

Eeeeeeek!!  This fell from the sky and landed right next to me!!  I think a bird had it and dropped it, or it fell from higher up in a tree or something.  Scared me.  :)  A few miles later the terrain changed and we were on the edge of some serious drop-off ledges.  The ride was mostly UP and through some very rural areas.  There were LOTS of loose dogs but we only had to use the air horn once and didn't need the pepper spray at all.

When we got off this ridge and started heading back down, we saw some of the local culture:
The roads were narrow and these are apparently street legal in KY. We saw LOTS of them driving on the roads and even filling up at the gas stations.

We ate here - The Rusty Fork Cafe.  Excellent desserts and service!
And later we stopped here for milkshakes.  See Ken by the truck?  He is being told that there is a motel 5-6 miles up the road.  Ahem.  Make that 15 miles.  We are happy in our motel but the ride to get here was difficult.  A long UP hill, debris on the road, and the skies looked like this:
We pulled into the motel just in time to unload our stuff before it really started to come down.  This morning we are still here, and we may have to stay another night tomorrow if this rain won't quit.  Our legs are liking the break, but we sure want to get to Berea where family and friends await us.  In the meantime, though, since we are stuck, we will do as much of this as possible:


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  1. Glad the Air Horn is working for you - your trip seem like a lot of good times. Turtle.