11 April 2010


Yesterday we left Lexington and pedaled about 31 miles to a place called Middle Creek Campground.  It's been a really special couple of days here.  Purely peaceful.  Here are some pics from the campground as well as from our 5 mile hike on the Appalachian Trail:

On a rock on the very top of the mountain we hiked, Simon began to sing...

His little voice got louder and louder...
Until finally, he broke into a full HOWL!
All this nature is doing something to us..  LOL
Simon's howling is something Ken started.  He said it makes little dogs feel like a part of the pack so he would howl at Simon and Simon would hide, then crawl out from wherever he was hiding and sort of grunt and whine, like he wanted to howl, but didn't know how.  Then one day it just happened and he threw his head back and his mouth went into a little "o" shape and he HOWLED!  Now he does it often, and it's not uncommon to hear us all howling together.  :)
Flowers bloomed everywhere and flutter-bys were so plentiful they landed on our heads!  What a magical day today was!  I almost don't want to go to sleep because I am not ready for this day to be over, and yet I know tomorrow will bring even more of this type of beauty and peace.  Gnite to all of you and thank you for reading my blog.  It matters to me that you are there.  


  1. It sounds like Simon was so full of the joys of life he just couldn't contain himself any longer. What a beautiful area.

  2. Hi Jen and Ken! It's wonderful to know that you've made it through the steepest climb! I'm following your blog every few days, just haven't been commenting. I'm on a prayer assignment for the next three weeks. I miss you guys so much! Love and God's peace to all three of you! Give Simon a belly rub for me!

  3. Thanks Mary! We love and miss you too!

  4. Those pictures of Simon howling are great! I've got 4 dogs and every time they hear a siren they all run to each other and stand in a circle howling. It's really funny! :o)

  5. Hey Jen and Ken ... Rachel from Organ Donation New Zealand just rang me in response to a question I emailed them. I gave her your blog address so they can see what you're doing! I guess you'll have some more fans in NZ soon! :) Hugs ... Jan in New Zealand.

  6. That sounds funny Tiff! I can imagine them now!

    Woohoo Jan! Thanks for the NZ support! :)