09 April 2010

Toward Lexington

No, not Lexington Kentucky, Mom...  LOL

The ride to Lexington is so awesome.  It's FLAT for one thing, which is very appreciated after the Pkwy, and nearly the entire ride runs along a swift little river with occasional waterfalls and small suspension bridges.  We stopped to play around on one of them and to skip some rocks and let Simon run around:

It was pretty HOT out and we hadn't showered in a few days.  Yuck, but what can ya do, right?  Well, you can meet some nice folks like this on the side of the road, and you can use their outdoor shower:
Mark, Ken, and Rita.  Their vacation home is absolutely a small slice of heaven and we are so grateful they shared it with us.  Taking a shower outside was a rare treat!

We appreciated and liked these folks so much that I gave Rita my favorite JenTile, Peace and Quiet.
After the showers, we got back on the trail and made our way to Lexington where it began to rain.  Time for a day off I suppose.  :)


  1. Glad you all posted so many picutres. I miss you. Glad you guys are doing well on your trip. Maybe I will plan a road trip to meet upi all somewhere on your way this summer.

  2. Sounds great Angie. Where do you want to meet us?