09 April 2010

Interesting Fact

We recently learned that even people with diseases such as Cancer, Hep C, and even HIV can be organ donors!  Sometimes there are people who have these diseases already who find themselves in need of an organ transplant, so donors with these diseases are needed too.  So for those of you out there who think you don't qualify to be a donor, think again, and never disqualify yourself.  Register to be a donor and let the doctors decide.


  1. I told my DH that...he doesn't have cancer now but has in the past and they won't let him put that he's an organ donor on his license. He looked thoughtful for a minute and said, "I wonder if they would let me donate blood to someone who has cancer." He's tried donating blood since his cancer and they always refuse him because he's had cancer. So very interesting tidbit. Something to look into.

    Tiff :o)

  2. Hmmm... I sent your comment on to someone I know at Donate Life America so I can find out more about this... Thanks for letting me know that.

  3. Hi Tiff...

    I'm not sure about blood donation but your DH can still register to be an organ donor. He just needs to go to DonateLife.net, select his state, and sign up. The DMV shouldn't be able to able to deny anyone but if you register online it solves the problem. Hope this helps! Jen