21 April 2010

Laurel Valley Community Church

At the bottom of a really fun downhill near Konnarock, we came across this church.  Ken tried the door and found it open.  Inside we read an article about the history of this church, including how it had been vandalized and burned.  The local artisans got together and rebuilt the church and their work was clearly a labor of love...
The church doesn't have a congregation at this time, but keeps it doors open to anyone who wishes to stop and spend a little time there.

A little building out back.  I wonder what's in it??

Bells!!!  :)  Smoochy smooch smooch smooch!


  1. It's interesting how you seem to incorporate religious historical sites into your adventure...Keep it up...Safe travels

  2. That's a beautiful little church. I'm sure some wayfaring travelers would be happy to come across it if a storm hits. As usual, more great pix of more great folks along the way. Only 9 more days until retirement for me!

  3. My father helped build that church-- or repair the church-- as a boy living in the Lutheran School at Konnarock, on White Top Mountain. My grandmother painted the picture of a cross, which I am hoping is still there in the narthex or sanctuary. When our family returns to the area, we always stop and visit. It is a holy place.

  4. Thank you for sharing that, David in Chicago. We will always remember that church.

  5. We found the little church in the late '70's when camping at Mt Rogers - Grindstone campground. We visited the church every camping trip. It was very intimate, and steeped in history. On one trip with 2 other famiies, (being Lutheran and the church was still Lutheran) our 7 children prepared a little Sunday morning service at the church. I had a bad knee from a fall, so one of the older kids pumped the organ and I played a hymn or two. It was a church service I will never forget. Sorry to see the church not being kept as well now. If I knew how, I would attach my photo of the church then. Happy travels!

  6. Thank you for sharing your memories, Jane. Yes, the church was weathered and worn, but still very clean and cozy. It felt safe inside.