10 April 2010


We've really enjoyed our two day stay here in this great town.  I am having a hard time leaving the hotel room this morning, and that is rarely the case.  Usually after a couple of nights in one place I am more than ready to get back out there and ride, but today for some reason I feel myself lingering.  It could be because I am still whipped by the Parkway, or it could be because I feel so comfortable here. The people have been great, the history is incredible, and I do wish we had more time here.

Us at Stonewall Jackson's Memorial

This was parked in front of the bike shop.  Hmmm..
We saw lots of cyclists, and only this one bent rider.
Instead of the typical convenient stores that are usually near our campsites or hotels, this awesome little organic market was right next door to us!  They had the best soup and great coffee, all organic.  What a treat!
 I sure should have written these ladies' names down because I really, really liked them ALOT.  They own/run my favorite store in town called, "Sunday's Child."  Ken got me this ring there:
I love it.


  1. Ha! Looks like you better get going if you are going to make it before the deadline on that RV! ;-)

  2. yeah...we were wondering how many paint jobs he has had....

  3. For the first time in the 5+ years of driving the same road to work, I finally saw my first bent rider! I gave him a thumbs up as i passed by.

  4. You truly are an inspiration, and we loved meeting you both and Simon on our "road" to Lexington. Enjoy safe travels and an adventure of a lifetime!