26 April 2010

That's the Breaks!

We got SOAKED on the ride to the Breaks Interstate Park, but it was sooo worth it.  The views there have been by far the most amazing so far.  Super-spectacular!
If you look closely, both of us have our eyes closed.  Special moment.
  While we were there we met a family who was staying at the hotel to attend an MS Conference.  Three people in the family were afflicted with it.  We enjoyed meeting all of them and I especially enjoyed the enthusiasm of the kids.  They all seemed to enjoy riding the trike so much that I hope one day they can get some trikes and ride around too!   Here they are:
Poor little George wanted to ride too but this was as close as he got.
This happens pretty much everywhere we go.  I love it.  :)  It makes it easy to get people talking to us which leads to conversations about organ donation.  America (Amy for short) said she talked to her kids when they asked her why we were riding, and that they all said they would be donors.  Good kids!
Herbie LOVED riding and even though he was short he was GOOD at it!
Look at Mike smile!  Trikes = Happy

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