14 November 2009

Raven Rock

After all the rain we've had lately the creeks and the Cape Fear River were really full and moving fast.  We didn't think we'd see many people out there today since it was still muddy but there were alot of hikers, campers, and boy scouts.  We hiked about 5 miles and found some really great uncharted territory which is what you see in some of today's pictures.  Now we know why they call it Raven Rock!  lol

Ken and Jen and Simon

We were having fun.  Can you tell?  LOL

13 November 2009

Just Another Walk in the Park

We saw some really cool things on today's walk, including a rare sighting of a hawk up close! 

Jen stacking up the rocks.  We collected some great ones today too for Ken to make Rune stones with.

A rare (and goofy) picture of us together!  Guess who finally figured out the camera has a timer.  LOL

The colors are really incredible right now especially after all that rain we had over the last few days.

12 November 2009

Donate Life

If you've made your decision and are ready to donate your organs, then it's time to register.  To do this just click on the DonateLife link to the right, select your state from the drop-down menu and follow the instructions.  It is very simple and takes only moments, but this one act can do so much.  Don't live with regret later, register today!


Hey everyone!  We've just created a new Squidoo Lens all about the Just Be-Causes Trike Tour!!  Check it out at:  JustBeCauses

07 November 2009

No Dogs Allowed!


We take Simon to San Lee to go for long walks because he can't go with us to Kiwanis.  This sign is on the ground at the trail heads there.

And this is what Simon thinks of that!


On an otherwise dead tree, this single remaining leaf really caught my eye.  It was sooo bright, it looked as though it was on fire!

We aren't sure what kind of tree this is, but it has prompted us to do some studying up on the trees in our area.  We feel like we should know these kinds of things since we love nature so much.  We walked about 5 miles today and gatherered a few special branches which Ken will turn into beautiful walking sticks.

Jen at San Lee

Today's walk was wonderful with all the fall colors and the crisp air.

TerraTrike Fund

As some of you may have seen we have changed our goal amount of $1500 to $2000. We were going to try and buy the TerraTrike Path 8 which is a great all around trike for town and trails. This is a photo of that Trike. I called and was going to go ahead and purchase this particular trike but after talking with Wayne Oom we changed our minds.  Wayne said he wanted our trip to be a complete success with the minium amount of problems and he and his team has offered us a new deal that follows: We will be able to purchase 2 TerraTrike Tours At the price of one Cruiser. This is a fantastic deal. The Tour TerraTrike is much more suited for what we are going to be doing especially when we hit hit the mountain ranges through Virginia and Colorado. (Wayne said we would really be thanking them for this then) and I must agree with him. Though it seems it will take a bit longer to purchase the trikes but I believe it is the best way to ensure our success.  We have made another change in plans as well.  Instead of getting a ride to Virginia and starting there we will instead be leaving directly from home.  This does not affect the start date of the trip, but it will make our trip right at 7000 miles!  Wow! We wanna thank everyone for their support and help in this and thanks so much for your patience and kindness. I have also listed a pic of the Terra trike Tour for you all to see. Peace be with you all.

06 November 2009


Hey folks, I would like to talk a little about "Izzi." Jen and I came up with this name for our Higher Power a little under a year ago on our first bike trail where we had our first experience together in the wonder of God in nature. We at that time called God "The Great Is." We thought this an appropriate name for God because all that we experience has the essence of God within it. We began to notice Izzi working more and more in our lives - to the point where we changed very much and grew very stable in our spiritual nature. Today we see Izzi in most all things we do daily and especially in nature.
The reason I am speaking of this today is because I have really seen Izzi moving powerfully in the endeavour we are undertaking involving our trip across country. I remember when this was just a seed in our mind... and how Izzi planted that seed when we were on that bike trail last year.  At times I wondered if we were going down the right path with this trip and Izzi just kept showing us over and over again that we were. The confirmations were uncanny, actually, and undeniable. I thought perhaps because we would be so needy in the task that it was not the right thing for us to do...but I see now how wrong that thinking was. Because of our needs we reached out to people and found that we had support in what we were doing.  In fact, if Jen and I had the money to just buy the TerraTrikes we might not have contacted any of the wonderful people who are now supporting us. Now we have developed a network of people that are working together with us to ensure our success. I see Izzi working through these people and we are seeing our endeavour growing larger and larger and we haven't even started the trip yet!
I suspect that we will be able to touch a lot of people on our tour not only through meeting them face to face on the road but also by blogging and through feeds to other websites such as Donate Life and TerraTrike. We have gone from nothing to being at the start of something really great!  It is like throughout our whole lives we have come to this one thing that we were meant to do and have been practicing for all this time. So we move on in our endeavour and look forward to what Izzi has in store for us on our trip... I am sure it will hold many blessings and a lot of healing, for not only us but for those around us and those that are interested enough to follow along as we go. May Izzi bless you all,  Ken (and Jen)