19 April 2010

Random Stuff

These are some shots of things I've taken in the last few days...  Hope ya like em!   :)

Upstairs near the Heritage Hall Bike Hostel in Rurual Retreat, VA.
(Quite possibly my favorite pic so far)
Simon meets his first cow.  You had to be there..  it was so funny!
A Virginia hill country farm.
Horses trying to figure out what we are.  Right after this shot, they all started running.  That's got to be one of my favorite things to see out here.  I love it when they run with us.
For my Dad.  :-D
If you zoom in on this you can see that this place is called, "Mom's Curiosity Shop," and you can also see that it is closed.  Two days after we've passed it and I am still curious about what was in there.
Taken by some nice people who wanted to take our picture.  I regret not taking a picture of them taking a picture of us.  I did take a picture of Jim though:
Jim has ridden a bent trike before and seeing us on ours makes him want one even more.  We gave him all the info for TerraTrike and sent him to Wayne Oom and Jeff Yonker.  We hope to see you out riding soon Jim!
Big coastal mailbox in the mountains.  Someone miss the beach perhaps? 
When you're really hungry, these flowers look a lot like fried eggs.  Yes, they do.
This is a centimeter long worm crawling on the computer case.  See the pollen on him? 
My boys sleeping.  (deep happy sigh...)  I love them so much.


  1. Excellent shots! You sure do a good job with a little camera. You are only 252 miles away from our connection here in Berea! Gator (Dad)

  2. I love the pic of the flag in the window! I love pix of old buildings, doors and windows. the flag just made it even better.

    My wife loves the pix of Simon. The one of him and the cow reminds me of when our dog met the BIG draft horses in our neighbors corral for the first time. He looked at them as if to say "Those are the biggest dogs I have ever seen!"

    BTW...I know what's inside Mom's Curiosity Shop. But I can't tell ya!

  3. Wonderful photos Jen! I love Simon and the cow! Safe travels ... Jan

  4. Hey! I made a comment this morning. Where did it go?

    Great photos. These are the kind I look for when we travel. Simon and the cow is a favorite of mine and that's a great shot of you two. (Mom)

  5. (J) Dont know what happened to your comment.. hmmm... Thanks, guys, these photos are going to be so fun to look at when this ride is over. Wah! I hate even thinking about this ride being over!
    Brian - what's in that shop???? lol

  6. Great window shot. And the one of Simon meeting the cow is great. I have a couple pictures of one of my dogs meeting a horse through the fence. Pretty funny. :o) Can't try it with a cow though since we were attacked by a cow once. He can't even drive by cows in a car without going into hysterics!

  7. (J) Attacked by a cow? Wow! Was it a bull? Was your dog wearing red? :)