25 April 2010


Damascus is a really different kind of town.  There were like-minded folks milling about everywhere, wearing shorts, needing showers, looking a lot like us minus the trikes!  Yep, hikers.  The AT runs right through "Trail Town, USA" and this town looks as though it was made just for them.  Hostels and restaurants that serve really large portions, and several bike rental places for folks who want to ride the Virginia Creeper Trail.  We liked it there, but were happy to get back on the road where we are most happy.

My new shoe straps - velcro watch bands.  They work great!
Thanks for the idea Mark.  We will still go clipless soon but for now these keep me safe.
Susie, the owner of the B&B where we stayed.  She was so much fun to meet!
Li'l Grim getn ready to go.  Notice how short my flags are?  One of them broke in a really strong wind and it flew off my trike.  Ken walked back a good ways and got it for me and now I am using old tent poles as flag poles.  Hey they work!
This is Qunicey's. We went there for lunch with Lu and Larry, and then a few hours later went back for desserts.  Ken had their famous Apple Turnover and I had a hot fudge brownie.  Both came with ice cream, our favorite dessert so far on this trip.  Other than cheescake maybe.  
Our plates looked like this.  And then we looked like this:
As much as we are pedaling we know we can eat whatever we want, but still, too much of a good thing makes our tummies hurt (and makes me feel guilty.)

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