21 April 2010

Troutdale VA

In Troutdale we stayed at the Hostel behind the Baptist Church, sharing the house with some VERY interesting AT hikers named Mike and Gary.  Mike is blind and is hiking the entire trail in an effort to show the world how capable a person with visual impairments can be.  His friend Gary is filming the entire event, including people they meet along the way (like us!).  I was already in awe of the AT hikers, but after putting on one of their heavy packs and walking around some, and trying to imagine doing that BLIND...  wow..  hats off.  I am in total awe...

Me, Ken, Mike, and Gary.
Genuine happiness on that face.
Mike says if the film makes life easier for one person, all this will be worth it.  They had hiked over 500 miles starting in Georgia when we met them.  They are from Minnesota.  We can't wait to see their film and we admire very much what they are doing.
This is the Pastor - named Ken.  We sure appreciate his hostel!


  1. Ken did you notice the glider behind you in this picture? If it was blue... I want that glider.

  2. So cool! I wonder what will happen to the film that Gary's making. We probably won't get to see it in New Zealand! Safe journey ... hugs to you both.

  3. Ang,

    I sat in the glider all evening... i took a pic of it just for you.

  4. (J) Not sure, Jan, but we hope to stay in touch with Gary so we can at least see the film. He also said he would copy our interview portion so we can have it for our own use. I will try to get you a copy in New Zealand. :)