25 April 2010

Elk Garden Methodist Hostel

When we rolled up to the Methodist Church we felt instantly welcomed. They had a sign up for cyclists that told us to make ourselves at home, so we did.  They had more food in there for us than any other stop so far!

Elk Garden United Methodist Church.
Often there are cemetery's behind churches, but this cemetery only had one grave in it.  There was a woman buried here, wife of someone, but no husband grave to be seen.
This was the nearby school where we got online.

Our second night there at Elk Garden we were SO BORED when suddenly the door opened and some people came in.  Before you knew it the place was full of Boy Scouts!  They were working on the American Heritage badge and were watching movies.  They spent the night in the chapel and we all had breakfast in the morning.  It was then that I learned that one of their friends, a 16 yr old boy, had recently received a heart transplant!  Patrick, one of the boys, is the recipient's best friend and was wearing a Donate Life shirt!  WOW!
Patrick in his Donate Life shirt.
Us with all the scouts, and Dawson, another cyclist who stayed there too.  Every one of these kids and the grownups too, rode our trikes.  I have too many pictures to put them all here.  FUN STUFF!
This is Dawson.  He rode 80 miles and went up that mountain before he landed at the Hostel.  He was riding with his buddy Matt, but they lost each other and Dawson was waiting for him.  He had a great bike and an excellent outlook on adventure.  We enjoyed talking with him and especially liked sharing the "THIS IS SO GREAT" feeling that only another cyclist can understand.  :)
Grim signed the Biker Log.  :)
Elk Garden certainly made us feel at home.  They've been hosting cyclists for 30 years!
Thank you Elk Garden and the Boy Scouts!

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