21 April 2010

Larry and Lu

We had a surprise visit today from my parents' dear friends Larry and Lu!  They drove 75 miles to come have lunch with us and we really enjoyed their company.  It was so nice to meet them after hearing such wonderful things about them over the years.  We went to Quincey's, a local favorite, and all agreed it was quite good!
Larry doesn't look too happy in this picture.  The rest of us do, though.  :)
He looks happy here!
Lu's legs were a little too short for my trike.
Simon actually let Larry hold him!
They were both eating cake when Ken took this picture.  
But I wasn't.  *wink*


  1. I have to laugh when you say Simon "let" them hold him. He doesn't look too happy about it...but at least he's not biting them. ;o)

  2. LOL He's come a long way, Tiff. He sat on June Curry's lap and then on Larry's, but no one else has been able to hold him long enough to take a picture. :)