02 April 2010

Richmond Event

What an AMAZING experience yesterday's event at the Richmond Donate Life/UNOS was!!!  We pulled up to the UNOS building and all these people were there waiting for us and clapping!!  I've never experienced anything like this before...
And there were even more people inside.
Ken in the crowd, talking to these amazing folks.
Simon did great!
After I spoke and the Secretary of Health spoke, as well as some others, we got a private tour of the memorial - well, pretty private.  There were photographers taking pictures of us but when you are famous you have to put up with that kind of thing.  teehee  We didn't mind at all and we look forward to seeing some of the shots they got of everyone.
Simon drank from the Wall of Tears.  Oops.  They said it was okay though.
Alex's was on The Wall of Names.
Here I placed a rose, Ken placed one too, and I put some of Alex's ashes inside.  To learn more about this place, click here.  It's a wonderful tribute:  Donor Memorial Garden
The police escort.  They got us through town using their sirens and we got to roll right through red lights.  Another new experience!
This is what we saw behind us.  Yikes!
And this was in front of us.
After the event they caught up with us again near the county line - just to make sure we left.  lol
It was one BIG DAY.
A special thanks to John Dean, his wife Pam, and their Dog Fancy.  We truly enjoyed their company and appreciate everything they've done.  May we stay forever friends.  


  1. It was so great to have you here at UNOS and hear your inspiring story! Safe travels on your amazing journey!

  2. It was amazing to have you with us to celebrate the start of Donate Life Month. We were all humbled to hear how you are honoring Alex with your great journey, and especially touched that you are sharing her life with all of us. As I said yesterday, the well-wishes of all of us who were there go with you all the way to the Pacific and back! We'll read your blog with pleasure, and know that you are supported along the way.

  3. What a totally cool thing for you to experience! Wish I could've been there.

  4. Intense day! The innocence of little Simon seems to balance the emotion of the day.

  5. We are friends of your parents and will be following your journey with interest. Our prayers will be riding along with you.

    LauraLou and Roman in Florida/Michigan

  6. Thank you for sharing your story wiht all of us. You have created a ripple of good will thourgh out the group that came to hear you speak. It reminded everyone ther that we are our brother and sisters keeper. Blessing on your journey. gigi from richmond

  7. Thank you so much for your kind words. It was a very powerful day for us and we were touched as well. Thanks for the support - it makes it easier to keep pedaling!