12 April 2010

On to Daleville

The campsite we had to leave this morning.  We LOVED it at Middle Creek Campground.
Ken after our AT hike yesterday.
We rode about 23 miles and stopped here for Vanilla milkshakes - Yum!
Then we rode past this sign, an actual street, and I never should have taken a picture of it because less than a mile later I had some Bad Luck of my own.  My foot slipped off my pedal and I hurt my left Archiles tendon.  It doesn't hurt too bad but my mobility is pretty limited and it feels strange and numb from my toes to behind my knee.  It feels okay to ride on it, but I never, ever want to run over my foot again.
We got a room for the night so I can soak my leg and so we can get an early start in the morning.  I hope it doesn't hurt too much and that we can get to Christianburg tomorrow.


  1. Oh no Jen ... well that's both of you now. You've got that out of the way early so it won't happen again. That's my positive thinking in action. :)
    I guess this is another reason to try and get those clipless pedals you were talking about - so your feet don't come off the pedals. Hope it gets better soon dear Jen ...
    Hugs from Jan in NZ

  2. Thank you Jan... Your hugs helped. Here's one back. (((Jan)))