04 April 2010

Virginia is BEAUTIFUL!

We started hitting some hills just outside of Ashland.  
Taking a break at the famous Church Quarters where Stonewall Jackson once stopped for a break as well.  
It was 93 degrees this day, so I laid down in the grass to cool off.  I opened my eyes and saw this.  :)
We rode all the way into Mineral and upon arriving there after dark, we set up the tent and slept till sun-up.  When we woke up we learned there was another TransAm rider sharing the field behind the Fire Dept with us!  His name was Chuck and this is his fourth time doing the TAT.  We picked his brain.  I even took notes.  Here is Chuck who is probably in Charlottesville at this moment too, like we are.  :)

Chuck said he couldn't believe some of them women that do this trip actually bring blow dryers.  This was the look on his face when I told him I brought one.  lol  He said we were "different" and I took that as a compliment.  He told us stories about people he's met and things he's seen.  We got a late start because we were enjoying his company so much.

The next night we ran out of daylight so we stopped and asked a farmer if we could camp on his land.  It turned out to be such a special time for all of us.  His name is Mr. John Turner and he rode my trike:

John Turner's farm was HOME.


  1. I like your new tent. Seems like it would be good for any kind of weather. I'll look for one when I go on my Trike & Accessories Shopping Spree next month!

  2. So far it seems to be working great. It feels a lot more secure and it's roomier since it has a little porch where we can put our gear. It's harder to put up than our old one was, but it gets easier every time, and we think it's worth it. We haven't tried it out in the rain yet, so will let you know how it does when we do.