25 April 2010

TerraTrike is Giving Away a Cruiser!

To help promote a cause that is very near and dear to their hearts, ‘BentRider Online and TerraTrike are teaming up to give away a brand new 2010 TerraTrike Cruiser recumbent trike to one lucky car-free or car-light commuter/shopper/utility cyclist. The rules are simple…

Live without your car for 30 days between the dates of May 15th and July 15th. Contestants will keep an online diary of their daily challenges, adventures, and milestones, and one participant will take home a new TerraTrike Cruiser! Participate (or just follow along) by signing up for a free BikeJournal.com account and join the group entitled ‘2010 TerraTrike Car-Free Challenge’. Then simply log your trips and keep a diary of your progress. The winner will be chosen at random. So make your plans now to park that gas guzzler for 30 days and join the challenge. Can YOU do it?

Visit their website to learn more:  www.terratrike.com

1 comment:

  1. well, I guess you two automatically qualify to be entered in the contest!