30 December 2009

We Did It!!

Thank you to all who have helped us reach this amazing goal!
Our trikes should be here in about 10 days so stay tuned!

28 December 2009

A Chilly Wet Walk at Jordan Lake

This is what a tree-hugger getting a hug from a tree looks like.  :)
While she eats a Sees sucker!

Jen's favorite hat.  It rolls up into a tiny ball she can put in her pocket.  :)
Those cedar limbs behind her will become two of Ken's gorgeous walking sticks.

The End of the Trail

We had to finally turn around and go back when we reached this part of the trail.  See the little arrow on the right directing us to the left?  It's pointing to where the trail used to be.

You can kind of see the boardwalk but most of it is under water.  The lake is unusually high right now.

26 December 2009

San-Lee in December

Hmmm... I might need to get Ken to work on a few different poses...

This is a little outdoor church at San Lee.  When the light shines behind the cross it is really something.  I tried to catch it here with the camera but it sure doesn't do it justice.  This place is so peaceful.

This is an abandoned bee hive - um, I mean wasp hive (thanks dad) that we spotted high in a tree hanging out over the lake.  It was HUGE and we were grateful it was empty!  From far away I thought it was an owl.  So we crept up on it.  lol  Boy did we feel silly.

This is FRESH work done by a busy beaver and the wet stuff you can see on the tree is it's slobber!  We actually looked for the beaver after we saw this because he couldn't have been far away!

Rescued Hawks

This is a pair of Harris Hawks currently being cared for at the SanLee Park Wildlife Rehab Center.  There are just a few birds there and we usually stop to say hello to them when we're hiking.  Sad but beautiful.

18 December 2009

Winter in NC

On an overcast and foggy day my light blue coat and red gloves made for some strong contrast.  People could see me coming from miles away!

Does this shadow make me look fat?  Yes, it sure does.  But that's okay.  Ken's shadow is kissing my shadow and that is what's important.  Even our shadows love each other! 

The leaf was gone, but you could tell it had been there.

North Carolina has LOTS of woodpeckers.  This one is a Yellow-Bellied Sapsucker.  Bad name for such a beautiful bird.  Almost sounds like an insult.  lol  This pic was taken from the truck.  More than once we have seen this bird when we pull in to park and it doesn't fly away.

You may recognize these places - I've taken pictures here before, only I took them during the fall season when the park was lush and full of beautiful colors.  It sure looks different and we still walk here every morning.  It is easier to see the hawks now and we usually see the pair of them every day.  They even let us get close.  It's pretty powerful to us getting to see them so often and so closely.

17 December 2009

Now That's Macro!

This is a picture of an almond. I took this picture because I wanted to show you just how AMAZING our new camera is!  (You can click on it to really see what I mean.)  There will be more pictures up shortly.  Of things other than almonds.  lol  It's so great to have a camera again!  We LOVE it!

10 December 2009

Wish List

We are getting closer and closer to our April 1st departure date and there is much to be done!  If you would like to contribute to our cause by donating some items that we still need, please visit our Squidoo lens to see our wish list.  There is a link to the lens on the upper right corner of this blog.  Once you get there, scroll all the way to the bottom.

Thank You!!

And a special Thanks to those of you who have already contributed.  Your support is invaluable to us and we really, really appreciate you!!!

04 December 2009


Santa wrote to us and told us we are getting a new camera!
We love you Santa!
Thank you so much!

01 December 2009

Dear Santa,

If you are out there and reading this...  Can you please get us a new camera?  We accidently washed ours in the backpack and now we can't take any pictures to put on the blog. 

Thanks Santa,
  Ken and Jen

P.S.  We've been very good.