23 March 2010

Tuesday 3/23

Today we went 33 miles and are now resting comfortably at HOME - the EconoLodge in Suffolk VA.

My guys.  I love them both so much.
I found an alligator in the swamp!
So I brought him along for the ride.  :)
This is a BEAUTIFUL Methodist Church we stopped at today.  The photo just doesn't do it justice, especially the stained glass.  
Our camera batteries died right after this shot, so it's the only one we got.  It's a small sign and we were on such a rural a road that didn't even have a center line.  In spite of getting a late start due to the rain, and in spite of the heavy headwinds we somehow managed to push out 33 miles today.  I yelled WOOHOO out loud when I saw the motel sign.  I missed "talking" to all of you!


  1. Glad to see some more photos and congrats on making it to VA!

  2. I was getting worried that the Swamp thing got you two while sleeping in your tent but it looks as if you got the swamp thing on the back of your trike. :) I love that you are postingyour trip, I feel as if I am riding along. Love you

  3. Hey, is Simon bulking up for some cold weather? He looks fat and sassy in one pic.

    Congrats on VA! About a dozen to go, Dad