26 March 2010

From the 24th

We went just 21 miles on Wed but that was just fine with us because we found a great campsite in the middle of nowhere, right next to a lake.  The Butler campground has been a part of their family for a long time and their entire farm has belonged to their family for 5 generations.  We really enjoyed how peaceful it was there.  At night you couldn't hear a single car in the distance.  Pure quiet, other than the sounds of nature, of course.

Using Dr Bronners awesome soap and the sink in the bath house we were able to get all our laundry done.  We had a perfect breeze to get everything dry and smelling fresh, which anyone who has done a ride like this before knows is a real treat!

We also aired out the tent.  We have to get a new one very soon.  Ours ripped and it leaks.

Beautiful Virginia farmland sunset view from our campsite.

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