19 March 2010

Day Five

Yesterday there was TONS of traffic to maneuver through and we got lost because of a missing sign.  We got 24 miles in and realized we couldn't make it to our intended stop so we ended up getting a hotel for the night.  Once we get on the Adventure Cycling Trails there will be more campground options and we will camp more.  Getting to the trail is probably the hardest part!

Today was so much different than yesterday.  From the first turn we took we found ourselves on quiet country roads and they stayed that way for nearly all of today's 42 mile ride.  We just set up camp at Green Acres in Bear Grass, NC, near Williamston and are looking forward to our first night on the new mattress.  The lady who runs this place is so nice!  She even gave us a discount!  People in town all knew right where this place was and everyone we asked about it had great things to say.  It's been here since 1966 and seems like the kind of campground my parents would like.  :)

Here are some pics from the last two days:

Ken writing down tomorrow's directions.  We love Google's new bike maps.  Today's directions were right on the money and we loved each road they took us down. 
Ken walking Simon behind a little Methodist Church where we stopped this afternoon.
We did have to deal with a couple of these trucks for the first few miles today.  They were full of fertilizer.
Simon is doing SO GOOD!  He loves this as much as we do!

Swamp with black water that looked like oil.  There will be a lot more of this to come.  Starting here in NC and into VA there are supposed to be a lot of swamps.  It will make it a challenge to find camp spots.


  1. Quiet country roads and sleeping in a tent sounds pretty darn good to me!

  2. Hey! You stole our swamp photo. (I just posted a photos almost like it on our blog. LOL!) It sounds like you landed in a wonderful home for the night. Love the photos, especially the ones of Simon. He is so cute! Is he making lots of new friends?

  3. Hi, I met your parents today. How cool are they? Would it be possible to see your route? Are you going anywhere near Roanoke, Virginia? If so, could you tell us the dates? My husband use to work at a CBS affiliate and we would like to get the word out if you are in the Roanoke area.

  4. Simon looks so content.....

  5. LOL about us both taking swamp pics, Mom. :)

    Robin - Ken is checking the map and I will let my parents know so we can talk on the phone if we are passing through your area. We appreciate your interest!

    Brian - We got tired of being in the tent when it wouldn't stop raining but for the most part a tent is an awesome place to be!