16 March 2010

Camping - Day 2

We had only ridden about 23 miles and were just outside of Wake Forest when a nice lady stopped and offered to let us camp on her nearby farm, called, Winterpast Farm.  The kindness of strangers never gets old, does it.  :)  We appreciate it!  Here is what tonights's home looks like:

This is what I look like when I am blogging.  :)
Ken cooking some lentils and chicken sausage.


  1. There's nothing like blogging in the great outdoors while you have a gourmet meal prepared for you, is there?
    Looks like a LOT of fun and I will be envious and jealous of you both until I can get my own trike in a few months. How's Simon enjoying the ride, so far?

  2. Simon is doing GREAT!! He is adjusting to everything so quickly - better than we are, I think! lol It's wonderful to see him so happy and at ease with all of this. :)