08 March 2010

Test Run Fun

We decided it has warmed up enough to do a test run overnight camping trip to our favorite local park, San-Lee.  The Ranger, Steve, was so nice to let us camp because technically the campground portion of the park is closed until April.  My dear friend Kathy told Steve about our upcoming Tour and thanks to these two kind souls we are getting this VERY important thing done.  It's amazing what you learn about all your STUFF doing this!  Look how awesome our TTrikes look in the setting sunlight:

Btw, this is the first time I've blogged from anywhere but home.  I am sitting at a picnic table looking at what you see here.  :)  Our little Acer mini is doing a great job!


  1. How exciting. How did you all do? How did the puppy like it? I believe it is always good to do a test run that way you can figureout what you need and dont need. :)

  2. The test run went well and we did learn alot! It was cold last night, but right now it's up to 72 degrees. Simon LOVED it out there! We had the whole place to ourselves so he got to run around.