23 March 2010

Monday 3/22

We did ride 10 miles and do a 3 mile hike, but it rained too much for us to leave the Merchant's Millpond State Park.  We rode into Sunbury, the nearest town, to get some food and to TRY to get online.
Brother Bud's Holy Grill - Clever name, excellent food, no wifi.  We rode 5 miles in the rain to try to get online and 5 miles back home.  We were disappointed to not be able to get online but the good food made up for it.  They also let us use the phone so I could call my mom and dad which I really appreciated.
The weather looked good when we first set up camp.  We had the place to ourselves.
This is what we woke up to!  Oh no!
So we did a lot of this.  :)  It felt GOOD to sleep so soundly as the rain fell on the tent.

The rain let up enough in the afternoon for us to take a hike through the park:

I got REALLY close to take pics of this one: .
What do you see in his eye?  :)
Made me think of Ashby.  :)

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