23 March 2010

March 20th

I am going to try to catch up on the blogging I missed while we were unable to get online, so these pics are from March 20th.  We went 54.3 miles and stayed at Mom and Pop's Jersey Motel, run by the son Jerry who was so kind to rent us a room even though the motel was technically closed!

Wow.  Nice tan already.  You should see my shins.  Weirdest tan lines I've ever had.
Ken stares longingly at a restaurant on the distant horizon.
This bridge was LONG.
It went over three rivers.
Um, we love you too?
At the end of one road Google Bike Maps sent us down, we ran into this.  It would have been open if we'd been there on a weekday but since it was Saturday we had to backtrack which added 8 miles to our total.


  1. I have the same tan lines - does that makes us great or strange?