26 March 2010

The Hardest Day So Far

Yesterday had more than it's share of ups and downs.  The day started with heavy traffic and after our peaceful time there at the campground the contrast was painfully apparent.  It is REALLY stressful riding around this many cars:
Or sitting at a stop light behind this:
And if the traffic wasn't enough to make your teeth grind, getting to this mile long (or more) bridge and seeing a NO BIKES ALLOWED sign.  The alternative route was a ferry, 30 miles back the way we had just ridden!  Google bike maps fail us again, this time REALLY BADLY.  We turned around and I went into the gas station and was looking at a map...  I was about to cry when I walked out the door and heard a man say to Ken, "Well, if you can get those things into my truck, I'll take you over the bridge."  Then I almost cried in a different way.  lol  He took us over, and told us that he and his wife are both registered organ donors.  His name was Lee and he was a real life saver yesterday.  Here is the bridge:

Ken and Lee setting our stuff back up.  In the background is the truck our trikes got to ride across the bridge in.  Simon rode inside with us of course and took a little nap.  
On the beach in Newport News.
As you can see from the picture below we did make it to Yorktown and thanks to Elsa and Carleton from Grace Episcopal Church we have the most amazing accommodations.  Words cannot express how nice this little house on the water is, nor can they describe the kindness these folks extend to cyclists.
There will be many more Yorktown pics soon, but we got rained in today.  This is what the view from our little borrowed home looked like this morning:  Terrible place to be stuck, right?  :)

Check back tomorrow.  As tradition goes, we will be dipping our tires here in the morning, weather permitting of course!  This is the where the trip really starts!!!


  1. What a GREAT story. The simple act of a stranger’s kindness in a stressful situation can have such a profound effect on how we view humanity.

  2. It sure can, Mark. Kindness is what turned this day around - twice!

  3. oh, i love it!!!! so cool, my home church in michigan is grace episcopal church - wooohooo xoxoxo