19 March 2010


This is our HOME sign and since Ken and I got together we have been taking it everywhere we've lived.  It has taken on special meaning since we gave up our rental house in Sanford to do this trip.  Now, wherever we lay our heads at night this HOME sign is on the "mantle" to remind us that home is right here, where he and I are.

Our HOME tonight is at Green Acres Campground.
Our HOME last night was the Best Western.  


  1. Hi there!

    My husband and I host people doing the TransAmerica Route. We are in KY near the Falls of Rough location. We heard about you through your posting at the Adventure Cycling Facebook page...we're "fans", too.
    We are cyclists and know how important it is to get a good meal and a comfortable bed to sleep in. So, if you are interested in staying with us, we would love to have you.
    We have a 2 BR cabin that you can stay in with a shower, laundry, kitchen etc. We are on a farm and have three dogs, three cats, two horses and lots of wild life. We are on warmshoweres.org, and you can check out our blog, too. It is known as Feltus Farm Living. If at all possible, give us a call when you're one or two days out.

    Good luck and be safe!

    Beth & Garry Feltus 270 879 0267

  2. Keep it up. I'm enjoying tour trip vicariously through the blog.

    I'm gonna give you guys a shout out on our news page today.

  3. Thanks Beth and Garry! We will be calling!

    Saw the shout out Jeff - looks great! Thanks!