02 March 2010

New Roads

Yesterday afternoon we headed down a road we'd been on before but where we'd normally turn we went straight and found ourselves in some beautiful North Carolina country.  35 miles later we were enjoying ourselves so much that we were actually taken by surprise when we noticed how low the sun was getting over the horizon.  (Not wearing watches, we just look at the sun, although I think one of us may have to get one before we leave.)  As the sun sank the tempuratre dropped with it so we stopped to add more layers, turn on the blinking red tail lights and put our miner's lights on our heads.  The last 9-10 miles or so we rode in the dark but we could see just fine and the cars could see us too.  Not something we'd TRY to do but it was a great to be prepared and boy did it make pulling up to the house (after 45 total miles) FEEL GOOD!
Btw, we don't have matching hats. I got that hat for myself, but it fits Ken better, it looks better on him, and it stays on his head in the wind - so Ken has a new hat. :)


  1. Simmon says ...
    "where's Simon - no Simon pictures - say it isn't so"


    Glad you all got home safe. Turtle

  2. Well, he's right there in the trailer behind me.. can't ya see him? He's SO big I don't know how you could miss him! LOL

  3. I love this picture. Ken got a great angle on it, didn't he tho? (J)