20 August 2010


We have mixed feelings about Yellowstone.  On one hand, it's a place I'd heard about my whole life and had always wanted to see.  There are some amazing things there that is for sure!  But the road construction, the bike unfriendly roads and the constant roar of traffic really took away from it for us.  Other cyclists we'd met who had already come through the park said the same thing, it was a mixed experience.  Something not to be missed, but difficult to ride through and often not enjoyable.  So, we got a ride.  As long as we admit to that it's not cheating and it is our ride afterall.  Why do something you know is going to suck?  Instead we rode around the park some with my Dad.  We saw some of the highlights and didn't have to risk getting run over by a rented RV.  :)

Click on these for a bigger version so you can understand the pics that come next.

The boiling water was SO blue.  It's hard to tell since it was an overcast day.

Rabbit ears. :)
After this we went to see Old Faithful.  Something everyone has heard about since childhood, and something I've always wanted to see.

We got there right before it erupted.  It goes off about every 90 minutes or so.
There were a lot of people there.  
All the clouds in the sky kinda took away from it, but it was still so neat to see.
It erupts for 2-5 minutes, depending on how much pressure has built up.
Our lasted about 3 minutes.
The ones I love.
Next we went to Geyser Basin.  Another interesting place on this earth.
See that little dot?  Guess what it is...
There was some great driftwood out there. Some people took pictures of their families in it...
That's going to be a great shot!
Next we went to see the Paint Pots.  They bubble and boil and are very muddy.
Kinda hard to catch the bubbling action with a still camera.  lol

We left here and headed toward the Montana State Line and guess what we saw!
Bison and their babies.
More dangerous, unpredictable, and aggressive than bears people get too close to these all the time and get injured.  Just a few weeks ago a woman got tossed 15 feet into the air when one came after her when she got too close to try to get some video.  The camera was still on and caught the whole thing.  If I were her I think I would have kept that video to myself.  It kinda tells people how DUMB you were, right?
This one kept looking at Ken and Ken stayed WAY back.  lol  Simon too.
We made it to Montana!  Crossing a state line in a truck is not as much fun as doing it on the trikes, but still, this makes our 9th state!  Hard to believe!  Thanks for the ride Dad!  We appreciate it!


  1. You're seeing so many great things!

    We took our dogs on a drive through Custer State Park in SD when we were moving cross country and they have all kinds of wild animals including bison. We thought for sure the dogs would go crazy and bark like they do at all the animals around the neighborhod (squirells, birds, cows, horses, etc.) but they just watched intently and never barked once, even when they were right outside the window. I guess they figured they had met their match! ;o)

  2. Yellowstone is one of those places you have to see once...only once. The land is awesome but there are so many people. Visit it with blinders on and imagine what it was like 100 years ago. Unlike Yosemite where you can avoid the crowds by going during the winter, Yellowstone winters mean snow mobiles.
    The most beautiful sights are the simplest ones that few have discovered. It can be has simple as a flower that, against all odds, grows from a crack in a paved road.

  3. LOL Tiff. Not Simon. He barked at em.

    Mark, you are absolutely correct. Once is enough, and I feel really good about our decision to get a ride through it. I did just what you said, and imagined what it must have been like for people back then to come up over a ridge and see all the steam and geysers. Wow! But for us, I just felt like a sheep while we were there. Still glad I went - Once.

  4. I hope the camera I sold you two works wonders on your trip! Keep it up and enjoy my beautiful state!

  5. The camera has already taken some exceptional photos! We love it! THANK YOU!