24 August 2010

Western Towns and Other Stuff

There were several interesting things to see during this couple of days.  Some of the small towns we passed through like Virginia City and Nevada City were original frontier towns from the Old West and they looked as though nothing much had changed since they were built back in the 1800's.  There was a slightly touristy feel but not overly so.  We didn't stay long and I kind of wish we would have spent more time exploring this area.

This place looked like it was a movie set or something.  The house was HUGE and weird.
And speaking of weird...
Need a closer look?  I did...
Danger?  Really?  I wanted to go in here.  Why, I do not know.  lol

This guy honked at us when we pedaled by, so we stopped and I gave him some bread.  He was in a fenced in area with a bunch of cows and appeared to be the only one of his kind there.  
Wonder how he felt about being around a bunch of cows.  lol
Part store, part Post Office.  Small town.
A package?  For us?  What could be in this box????
Thanks to our new friend Michell, Ken and I are no longer at risk of running over our own feet!!!  Michell sent us shoes and pedals and since we've gone clipless, our riding is so much more fun!  I am amazed at how much energy, mental and physical, we were using just keeping our feet on the pedals.  Now we can just relax and ride.  Pedaling is so much more efficient and enjoyable now!

Simon used to be afraid of the camera but he has changed so much on this trip, and one of those changes is that he loves to pose for me when I get the camera out.  lol  Look at these pics I took the other day when we were stuck in the tent due to rain...

Seeing him come around and become a happy dog has been one of the best parts of this trip.  He used to be so scared and growly at everyone and now strangers can actually pet him!  He LOVES to play and he LOVES to ride in his camper.  Sleeping with him in our sleeping bag is one of our favorite things.  He is so snuggly and that helps keep us warm!

Back on the road...  Check out these wavy, swirly clouds.
The sky was full of these strange clouds.  The skies really are different here in Montana!
Thanks to all of you who make doing this possible.  We appreciate your donations and your JenTile orders so very much!!!  You keep us going!
God Bless America!  And everyone else!  :)


  1. Cute pics of Simon! I guess I need to get out there with my scaredy dogs so they'll be nicer too! Bear might bite off a few hands first though so maybe it's not a good idea. ;o)

    I think the danger is that you may get shot if caught trespassing. lol

    I am so jealous of the little towns you're going through in Montana. That is a state I have always wanted to explore but as of yet, I have never been there.

  2. They call Montana "The Last Best Place." Not to be missed, you need to see it! It has surpassed my expectations!

  3. Hey Jen and Ken~ I love your pics/blog and knowing that you guys are safe and having such an amazing experience as you trike for Alex! Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please let us (Carolina Donor Services) know of what you need and I will put a box together and ship it wherever you tell me!!! Give Simon a soft little hug from me! God bless you guys - Kirsten @ CDS