20 August 2010

The Teton Spur - Jenny Lake

We had heard about Jenny Lake and I was drawn to it simply because of it's name (I was Jenny when I was younger, but now that I am mature (snicker) I prefer Jen.)  Anyway, we also heard that the tent sites fill up quickly so we pedaled as fast as we could to get there before they put up the dreaded FULL sign.  We got there just as they were hanging it out and our hearts sank, but then the Ranger told us that the sign doesn't apply to cyclists because we have our own hiker/biker area to camp in.  Our hearts lifted right back up and we quickly found a spot and set up.
The road that leads back to the camping area.
The spots were not nearly as private or shaded as Signal.
But the views were intense.  This was taken from inside our tent as the sun came across the mountain first thing in the morning.  Ahhh....  It was pretty chilly there too.
See, the neighbors here were close, but nobody seemed to talk to each other.  I guess that's okay, but to us it just seemed like everyone here was in a hurry and sort of off to themselves.  There were A LOT of people in the park and many of them were from other countries.  The trail we hiked on went around the perimeter of the lake and we had gotten about a 4th of the way around when we realized we weren't supposed to have Simon on the trails at all so we had to head back.  Someone told us that we weren't even allowed to have him in the park at all, but we knew that wasn't true since the Ranger knew Simon by name.  The water in Jenny Lake can be as blue as the ocean in Hawaii.  It's a glacier lake and at it's deepest point it goes down 260 feet!
I took some pictures in the early morning but at that time of day the water doesn't look blue.  

While we were waiting on my Dad to come get us to take us through Y-Stone, we had an encounter with a wild animal...
Ken accidentally dropped a piece of donut.  :)
Simon didn't seem to mind.
Jenny Lake was great, but if you plan to be in this area, we suggest Signal Mtn.

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