01 August 2010

To Suphur Springs, CO

We only went about 20 miles from Kremmling to Hot Sulpher Springs, knowing that we would enjoy the short ride and a soak in the natural hot spring tubs.  Traffic free hilly roads made the first part of the ride very enjoyable and the last part was truly incredible as we rolled through Byers Canyon and on into the little town of Sulpher Springs, population 521.
See me?
No shoulders but not much traffic and there were places like this to pull off.

Around the final curve and down the hill and we were in town.

The Glory Hole had the best Cinnamon Rolls I have EVER had.
Here's Smiley, the man who makes the rolls and lots of other good stuff too, and Jeanie, the sweet girl who waits on you.  Great food, great service!
When we followed the signs to the springs we saw this hotel.  It's really old!

Same hotel as above. See the people on their bikes?  

Right around the corner we found a FREE campsite right on the Colorado River.  We couldn't believe how nice it was for FREE!  What an unexpected treat!
Our home for the night.
Right on the river.
Fly fishing is the thing here.  Trout is what people usually catch.  I only know how to catch catfish so we didn't fish, but I think fly fishing is a beautiful thing.  There is truly an art to it.

Now for some history about the exact spot where we camped:

Pretty cool to know people have been doing this for so long, huh?
We got stuff set up.
Ken did some routine maintenance...
And Simon relaxed with a good book.

Now I'd like to introduce you to a really special family we met.  They were camping in the site next to us and unfortunately were leaving as we were coming in.  They stayed long enough to talk to us, though, and we learned about a recent loss in their family.  An American Indian named "Running Bear" had died just 8 months ago while waiting on a kidney.  His wife and daughter were there camping.
This is Ralph, Kathleen, Marlo (the wife) and Yanire (the daughter).  See the necklace Yanire (pronounced Yani ray) is wearing?  It's a bear claw KenTile.  Since her Dad's name was Running Bear she chose the bear claw necklace over the others.  I think it looks great on her.
To help her remember and think about her Dad.
And of course I had to let her and her Mom ride the trike!!  They sure had FUN!
This awesome shot makes me laugh every time.  I was so happy to see them laughing during such a rough time for their family.
Great smile.  Getting to meet people like this along the way means a lot to me.

Simon wanted some attention so he posed for me on this rock.  I must have gotten 20 different shots of him during this "photo shoot."  He knows how cute he is.  :)
The classic over the shoulder look.
Such a handsome lad.  :)  He liked it in Sulphur Springs too.

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