19 August 2010

The Teton Spur - Signal Mountain

On our maps we discovered an intriguing optional route called The Teton Spur.  Off route 35 miles this Spur would take us through the Tetons, up close and personal, but then we would have to ride back out on the same road we took in.  That part wasn't appealing so we had pretty much decided to skip it when I read in my cross country book, DO NOT MISS THIS SPUR.  So we did about 2/3rds of it and stayed at the most incredible campground called Signal Mountain.  The next day we went on to Jenny Lake and then the day after that we had my Dad come get us and we got a ride through Yellowstone.  Too much construction going on, no shoulders, and people driving rented RVs would have made it a nightmare for two people and a dog on trikes.  The Spur did not disappoint.  The best views of the trip so far. Check it out:
There were only 3 sites left when we arrived, and we thought we'd get a crappy spot because of it, but as it turns out, there are no crappy spots here!  Each site was secluded and full of trees that gave us plenty of shade.  At night they only use very low level lighting in the whole place so you can see the big night skies.
Ken filled out our little envelope and paid for our spot.  Only $5.00 each!
 Then we set up the tent and I found a trail behind it.
So I went exploring and saw lots of animals.  A deer, birds I had never seen before, and some sort of critter I have yet to identify.  It looked sort of like a beaver but didn't have a flat tail.  It was in a tree, sort of cat like in shape and movement, but it wasn't a cat.  Any idea what it could have been?
It wasn't a bear, but they had those there too.  This is a bear box and any food we had with us had to be stored in here at all times, unless we were eating it.
We must have gotten in and out of that thing a hundred times.  It's hard to know where stuff is when you have to lock it up.  Even our toiletries had to go in the bear box.
We finally got everything in order and took off for our first hike.  Unlike most parks in this area Simon was allowed on the trails so we went for a long walk on a path that ran alongside the water.
It was narrow but pretty easy to hike.
When we came to this part we just stopped and stared silently for quite some time.
Except for Simon that is.  He wanted to play.  He was so happy out here he was being silly.
I, on the other hand, felt rather quiet and reflective.
Where am I and how did I get here?  I was just astounded at the beauty and so very grateful to everyone who helped me get here.  I thank you all so much.
The mountains are healing.  And the beach is too.  This place had both.
I can't believe we almost missed this by not taking the Teton Spur.  That would have been tragic!

More to come about the Spur.  Stay tuned for Jenny Lake and Yellowstone.

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  1. Could be either a Fisher Cat or a Marten.