13 August 2010

DuBois (Du-Boyz)

When we left Lander we spent the next night on the Indian Reservation and met a wonderful lady named LuAnn Malek.  I traded her a JenTile for some pie and ice cream and we listened to her tell interesting stories about her campground and it's history.

Me with LuAnn.
See her wearing her JenTile?  It matches her personality perfectly!
We saw so many horses on this ride.  More than the rest of the trip combined!
Most of them ran away from us, but four of them stayed and followed us for a bit.
We planned to go the entire way to DuBois in one day but didn't make it so we stopped and camped near Crowheart Butte.  The Fire Dept in Crowheart isn't on the map we have but when we asked at the store the man said cyclists camp there all the time, so we set up.  
What we thought was Devil's Tower was actually Crowheart Butte (thanks John).  It slowly appeared in the background but when I look at this picture all I notice are the MUSCLES in Ken's leg.  WOW!  :-P
More majestic creatures.

Awww...  the whole time we watched these two, she never left his side.
Unlike other parts of the country we've passed through, there were several places that had LOTS of bee boxes on them.  That is a good sign.

 We set up camp here and shortly after the skies got really pretty!

See the not Devil's Tower through the O? lol
Seeing what lies outside our tent door when I first wake up is one thing I just love.  We always try to position the tent in a way that gets us the best view to wake up to.

The next day's ride was another superb one.  Not much traffic and good shoulders too.
Not much traffic most of the time.
Look at that shoulder!  Nice!

Cliffs started to appear.  And they got bigger and bigger.
Again, that "I am so small," feeling happened.  These cliffs were amazing.  We camped near them that evening at a really nice campground.

There was a small but swift river running through the campground and Simon liked it!
He used to be afraid of water but now he isn't.  He still doesn't get in it unless we are giving him a bath, though.
We went into town to eat and do a little looking around.
 DuBois was such a neat old western style town, with thriving businesses and good food.  Butch Cassidy used to hang out here.
We ate here.  The elk omelet was outstanding!
This was the laundromat.  :)  Interesting.
I found this book on a donation shelf and started reading.  It taught me a lot!  For example, bears are not the biggest threat to people in Y-Stone at all.  The thermal pools and bison are MUCH more dangerous.  The worst part about falling into those pools, some of which are over 200 degrees, is that the victims rarely lose consciousness and yet live for several days in agonizing pain until they finally die.  Terrible fate.
These have been everywhere for several days of travel.  It's like a plague or something.
They are kinda cute, though.  :)  And speaking of cute, this is Finn.  We met her and her parents at a rest stop and I liked her right away.  I would have guessed she was older because she was so confident and well-spoken, but she was only 7!  She reminded me a bit of a blonde Alex.  :)  I gave her a JenTile and her parents gave us a donation.  We appreciate it and we enjoyed meeing them.  Here's Finn:
Hi Finn!  I hope I spelled your name right.  Leave a comment for me if I need to change it, okay?

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