20 August 2010

Beaver Creek Campground

With so many incredible places to compare it to, it is still easy for me to say that Beaver Creek Campground is my favorite so far.  Near Quake Lake and Hebgen Lake it's a paradise for fishermen but also for those who just want to go camping in the mountains.  There were only two or three other people in the whole place and it was unbelievably quiet there, especially after spending the last few days in Yellowstone.  There we saw more stars in the sky than either of us had ever seen.  I think we remained in a constant state of jaw-dropping awe during our entire stay.  I hope I got some pictures that can give you a glimpse of this amazingly beautiful, vast, and tranquil land that we were lucky enough to call HOME for a night.
We had planned to go farther than 25 miles but I just KNEW we had to stay here.  That little voice inside of me that I know how to really listen to now, told me to STAY HERE.

Did you know that underneath the ground all these trees are connected to one another?
We explored for hours.

We were on Loop B.  This was the only water on the loop.
It was so good and cold.
We used this water to make some dinner.  A Mountain House Chicken and Potatoes dehydrated dinner that you just have to add boiling water to.  If you've never tried this, you really oughta give them a try.  They are surprisingly good and each package has two small servings in it.  After we had our chicken we made a Mountain House Cheesecake and picked fresh huckleberries to put in it.  Yum!
They weigh practically nothing.

We went to bed early and Ken read me to sleep.  We woke up once and went outside to look at the billions of stars that filled the big Montana sky.   
The next morning we woke up late and took our time getting ready, sipping our coffee, saying nothing.


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