28 August 2010

Twin Bridges Bike Camp

After staying in Alder at the KOA we thought we would try to make it to Dillon but our friend Michell said we needed to stop at the Twin Bridges Bike Camp.  So we took a short day and coasted (yes, it was nearly all downhill) the 25 miles or so into the small town of Twin Bridges where we quickly located the Bike Camp. You could tell someone had put some love for cyclists into this place and we felt right at home.  Right next to the small but fast river was a building to sleep and eat in, a bike wash, an outdoor sink, a shower and bathroom, and a counter top that was perfect for making JenTiles on!  During our stay there we met several other cyclists who came and went but when it came time for bed we had the place all to ourselves.  And we got a special visitor!  Bill White, the man who built the Bike Camp!  We gave him a JenTile with the mountains on it and talked to him for a long time.  He's not even a cyclist but after trying out a trike we may have converted him.  :)  Hi Bill!! Thank you for your awesome Bike Camp!

It was a pretty hot day so we saw lots of people floating or boating.  See the kids?
Fun!  So nice to see people outside playing in the river.
Outdoor sink and bike wash area.
JenTile operation. I could only get a couple done since I am out of supplies.
Biker shelf - take something, leave something.
Leave the ukulele, please.  :)
This is Lee.  He actually knew how to play that ukulele!  See the brown bag?  It has cherries in it that Lee got from a roadside farmer.  He gave them to Ken and Ken gave him our extra tire pump since Lee didn't have a pump anymore due to a malfunction.
With all the screens there was a great breeze in here.  Ceiling fans would be a great thing in here.
Bill White, the man who made this camp.  HUG!
It was great to meet you Bill!  We will send our cycling friends your way!
As usual, Simon was the last to get up.  We got another late start but made it to Dillon.  Along the way we saw this...
We stopped and looked at him through our binocs for quite some time.  Then we were interrupted by a haunting and continuous "scree" sounds.  It was a juvenile eagle, probably waiting for this one to get home with some food.  It took my breath away watching them.  Having briefly worked with birds of prey in the past I am so moved by how majestic they are, especially the bald eagle.  It was intense seeing these so closely.

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