14 August 2010

The Heart of a Champion

Those of you who have been following our story know that Dillon is a VERY important part of it.  I am proud to announce that he came home from this year's Transplant Games in Madison WI with THREE medals - Two Silvers and a Gold!  Someday it is a dream of mine to see him compete.  Here are some pictures of that big day:
That's Dillon in the middle.
Look at all those medals!!  And they are lying right over his heart.  
He is wearing a JenTile (actually a KenTile) and a pin with Alex's picture on it!!  How cool is that!
(I want one.)
Long Jump.
And swimming.  If you look closely you can see his scar, but it's barely visible.
My daughter's heart is in there!
Dillon and his family - we are so proud of them, and so happy to know them after all this time.  Great job you guys!  Hi Karla and Lee!  Good to see you again!  :)
A real WINNER with the heart of a champion!
You did great, Dillon!


  1. Looking at these pictures and absorbing the true beauty behind them is surreal.

  2. Indeed Mark. I will probably never be able to truly get my mind around it. A miracle for sure. Dillon is an awesome kid, too. That makes me happy.

  3. What a heartwarmin, touching and profound story. Thank you for sharing it.