09 May 2010

Some People We Met

We are meeting so many great folks on this trip...  in fact, that is one of our favorite parts of riding cross country.  Here are a few of them:
The guy in the red sweatshirt is Andy, and he used to be Joaquina's pastor until he decided to write full time.  He and Rob (behind him) live in a community that we find very interesting.  They use solar energy, catch their water in a cistern, and have composting toilets!  We picked their brains awhile and if the rain hadn't really gotten bad we might have stayed longer.  This is what it looked like when we left their place:
Yikes!  This is the creek we had to drive through when we left.  Mom and Joaquina were really tense, but my Dad did a great job and I wasn't worried.
The guy in the cart is Joe, and he owns the campground where my parents stayed.  He is a liver recipient and says we can stay at his campground any time we want.  :)  He has some incredible stories about his illness and transplant history.  He was only on the waiting list for a couple of days!  Wow!  The woman with him is Charlotte Wong from Donate Life Kentucky.  She came to give us some shirts and when she learned about Joe she got to talk to him about becoming a spokesperson and it worked!  :)  I love it!
All of us getting new shirts and meeting Charlotte, who of course....
...rode my trike!!  She told me not to tell Jenny Miller Jones that she said this, but she said, and these are her words...  "nah nah nah nah naaah nah.  I got to ride Jen's trike and you didn't."

On Sunday we went to the Methodist Church with my parents and heard one of the most amazing sermons I have ever heard.  So brave and honest.   Whew.  A little girl named Isabel got up and read some scripture and sang a little song.  I shared it on FB if you'd like to see it..  Her father is Alfredo Escobar, a local artist and he and his wife Jennifer invited us to dinner at his house.  There was quite a group there as you can see:

Bill and Rose, Jennifer's parents.  Bill took us to their farm, Happiness Hills Farm.  They have done so much with this place including remodeling the old tobacco barn.  Wonderful place.  Wonderful people!
Check out Alfredo's artwork here:  Alfredo Escobar and check out Jennifer's music here: Jennifer Rose Escobar

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