20 May 2010

Riding the Ferry

We made it all the way across Kentucky and were approaching the Ohio River when we saw my parents driving toward us!  What a surprise!!  They had decided to come meet us so they could get some good pics of us crossing the state line into Illinois, which is where we Ballentine's are from.  We all met down the road a bit at the Amish Store where we ran into some other cyclists which is always fun.

Zooming down the hill.  Weeeeeee!
Us with the Canadian cyclists we met at the Amish store.  They came all the way to Kentucky to ride on roads with no shoulders!  Weird!  But the hills in this area are fantastic so we can understand why they like to ride here.  They have ridden all over the world and recommend we do the same once we've finished riding the home land.  :)
As usual we end up telling everyone how awesome the trikes are...  and...
...of course letting people ride!

We bid our farewells, stocked up on some amazingly delicious dried fruits and headed toward the ferry where my parents waited on the other side:
This is the ferry we took across the Ohio River and into Illinois.
I released some of Alex's ashes.  I let some go in each state.
It made me sad, but in a healthy, healing way.
I took a picture of my Dad taking a picture of us.  That's their blue Dodge on the right.  
And here we are getting off the ferry..  We're in ILLINOIS!  Hooray!
Another excellent photo taken by my Dad.  I love it!

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