15 May 2010


In an instant I became aware of my surroundings...  The heavy scent of Honeysuckle overwhelmed me and I became suddenly perplexed as to how I could have been so consumed in my thoughts to have missed such perfection...

The moment we crossed the county line the road changed.  It was newly paved with dark asphalt divided by bright yellow lines that matched the flowers in the fields on either side of it exactly. The smooth black road swelled and rolled, curving slightly left, then right, winding through the peaceful Kentucky farmland.  There was not a car in sight.  The sun had just begun to fall below the tree line before me and no longer did I have to squint...  Birds sang with such confidence and vigor it was nearly distracting... I wondered what they might be saying to one another...  The heat of the day began to dissipate and I knew at the end of the day's ride a safe haven awaited...  Simon gave a quiet bark and when I glanced in my mirror... I saw Ken.  This was a moment I will never forget.  It was Perfection.

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