09 May 2010

Bardstown - Before and Beyond

It was a LONG ride to Bardstown, due in part to a missed turn.  Jack Turner road is NOT easily spotted and we cruised a good 3-4 miles past it - most of them downhill...  which means...  we had to ride back UP them.  It was hot, we were tired, and how we found that turn deserves some attention...

Ken had gotten ahead of me a bit... It was a curvy hilly road, minimal traffic, thank goodness, and I was going pretty fast. Too fast, perhaps, because Ken came to a stop when he saw the Jack Turner road, and he began to turn...  in front of me...  so I tried to avoid him but the road dipped way down to my right and it was too steep... on my side I went, and as I waited for the impact and for the pain that was sure to follow it, I cursed Jack Turner....  but when I landed, it was in nice soft grass.  I looked up and there was the sign reading, "Jack Turner Rd."  Jeesh.  It didn't hurt, but I was mad, and embarrassed when a man in a truck stopped and asked if I was okay.  Poor Ken.  I was difficult to ride with for the next 10 miles or so.

We did make it to Bardstown, though, met up with my parents for a bit, and then went to stay with Teresa, the hiker we met at the Catawba Store.  Remember her?  Well, she has a lovely little family and lived in a gorgeous and very cool solar house!  It felt like we had known each other for years...  we really enjoyed our stay there.

That's Ken, Me, Teresa, Michelle, John, and Patrick.  Hi Hundley's!!
Teresa and Michelle.
Michelle is the youngest trikester so far!
Patrick hitting balls in the yard.  He also plays piano, writes stories and has a neat train set up.  Very smart and creative kids!
Don't tell Simon, but that's the cat's house.  :)
Ken's new hat.  :)
Saying our goodbye's.  Teresa gave me a card that made me cry and insisted I take the flowers they got me... (how sweet was that?)  I wasn't sure how I'd carry them but we found a way and it worked great:
Pretty!  Happy Mother's Day everyone!

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