28 May 2010

Our Family Grieves

We all miss Alex so much and over the past several years our small family has not done much grieving together, only apart.  Since we've joined together to do this Trike Tour, we've been able to spend more time together and I am so glad.

Yesterday, together, we let some of Alex's ashes go.  We released them into the mighty Mississippi, the river I grew up on in northwestern Illinois and although it was terribly sad (as it always is) I felt us all healing together as we cried and held onto each other.  Alex would have loved it.

We miss Alex.
Alex's life is continuing through the lives of those she saved when she became an organ donor and this trip we are on is ensuring that her spirit continues to be of service to others.  It's all about the love.


  1. Jen,

    Thank you for sharing such a personal moment with the rest of us. Looking at the pictures of Alex and hearing more and more about her makes my heartache for you and your family. What a wonderful little girl she was and what a wonderful thing you're doing to keep her memory alive.

  2. Ken and Jen, I'm a newcomer to your journey, but anxious to catch up.

    I felt a voyeur picking up your story with Alex's ashes being consigned to the Mississippi. I will be going through previous posts to try and discover more of her/your story.

    I retire soon, and the open road beckons me as well. This is one reason I'm following your blog. Your are doing it one way. It may well have something to offer me.

    All the best, and I'll be watching. :-)

    Michael Hughes
    Jakarta, Indonesia

  3. It matters least how our lives took separate paths. What is of consolation is how our paths converge and we rediscover each other and our humanity.

  4. Keep in mind Alex will ALWAYS be with you in your heart and guiding you through your journey and life...