27 May 2010

Bear Branch

You have to ride up a pretty steep hill to get to this place, but it is worth it!  Nice people, an excellent restaurant, and wifi.  It was a great place to be "stuck" while it rained.  The restaurant was only open while we were there because of a misprint in the paper - so we felt like we had a crew there just for us!  lol  It provided us with some time to get to know these wonderful, fun folks, and we rather enjoyed being pampered.  Cyclists traveling on the TransAm - this place comes highly recommended!
Let's see...  Next to me is Tristyn, and next to her is Moneaka, and next to her is Brandy, the Restaurant Manager.  In the back behind us is Dick Manders.  He is the owner and he gave us a free meal!  His story is another one of those amazing serendipities:  His daughter gave her husband a kidney!  And because it was not a perfect match, it stopped his cancer from spreading.  Wow.  That man can never say his wife doesn't love him.  

Tristyn on my trike.  :)
This was the view we had when we sat on the porch of the cabin we rented.  At night there were sooo many lightening bugs - the whole place was lit up.
A great little place to call HOME.

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